It’s week two of Whole30, I can’t believe it! Tiger blood hasn’t quite set in yet, but a few observations so far:

  • The first couple days I could barely sleep, but now sleeping much better.
  • I’m thirsty all the time.
  • I need less coffee to get through my day.
  • The urge to drink all the wine has subsided.
  • I need to cut down on the La Croix (so many bubbles!).
  • We are cooking more than we ever have.

One of the tips that has kept coming up for newbies to the Whole30 is to make sure you have plenty of snacks available in case you get hangry between meals. Cashews, almonds, and veggies have gone a long way, but as someone who really does love vegetables, raw veggies can get a bit dull after awhile. These roasted carrots are hearty – a perfect in-between meal snack with a couple hard boiled eggs or as a side dish with lunch or dinner.


All you need are:

Carrots: I bought a 5 lb bag of juicing carrots at Costco for about six dollars. For this recipe you only need about a pound of carrots, and the rest last quite a while in the fridge. You can spiralize them, juice them, or toss them in a salad later!
Olive oil: About two tablespoons.
Garlic cloves: Three cloves minced.
Spices to taste: We used rosemary, salt, and pepper.
Chives: As garnish.


1.) Pre-heat oven to 400 (if you have a ‘roast’ setting use that.)
2.) Wash and chop your carrots into about three inch pieces. No need to peel them first or cut them perfectly.
3.) Peel them mince your garlic into small pieces.
4.) Set your carrots and garlic into a large bowl, coating with the olive oil and spices.
5.) Toss carrots and make sure that the olive oil and spices are dispersed.
6.) On a baking sheet sprayed with olive oil or cooking spray, place your carrots on the pan evenly apart from each other.
7.) Bake or roast for 25 minutes, flipping half-way through.
8.) Serve warm with chives and balsamic vinegar or dipping sauce of your choice!


These are quite filling so you are bound to have leftovers. Thankfully, these stay good in an air-tight container in the refrigerator for up to four days. Enjoy!