If our personal style is an extension of who we are, I really believe that the decor of your home says a lot about your personality and sense of style, too. And those styles don’t necessarily have to match. Looking at how I dress myself and how I dress my home, they are quite different (as you can see in the photo above). I love to wear a lot of dark colors, but I want to live in a place that feels airy and joyful. This could be much of the reason as to how I mysteriously have fallen in love with such a bold color as the one in our overdyed rug.

Overdyed rugs come in all sorts of colors and saturations, and depending on the hue that’s most you, they aren’t for everyone (or decorators who gravitate towards neutrals). When I first laid eyes on one of these rugs in a catalog that wasn’t even selling rugs, I set out to learn how I could get my hands on one.

Vibrant but faded at the same time, these Turkish or Turkish inspired vintage rugs are hand-dyed in bright colors to revive the impact they once had. A quick search on ABC Home immediately reveals that an authentic overdyed rug can set back your checking account by up to $13,000. Definitely not an option for us as we have cats…and bills…and trips we would rather take than have carpet to step on.

But they are soooooo beautiful. Thankfully, now more than ever there are affordable overydyed options all over the internet, and I’ve even spotted that IKEA has started carrying a selection in their stores.

Because our home is mainly black, white, and grey, we decided to go with a vibrant hue for our rug: this nuLOOM Vintage Inspired Overdyed Rug from Overstock.com. What attracted me to this particular rug were the levels of brightness and dullness throughout the fabric of the rug, giving it that worn-in look that I wanted to balance out the rest of the solid struck pattern in our living room

It definitely makes a statement and pulls our living space together. The color has remained just as vibrant and hasn’t milled once since we purchased it. For around $200, I would say it’s been well worth the investment. And the cats love it, too!


Now that we have more furniture in our home (we bought the rug when we moved in), I’ve been eyeing similar rugs at a larger size (maybe even in blue!), hoping to stage our current fuchsia one in our home office.

If you’re interested in an overdyed rug for your home or work space, here are a few other great finds online to get you started!

Overdyed Rugs

Would you put an ovedyed rug in your home? Let us know if you have one or intend to get your hands on one in the future!