Minimalism has been consuming our minds. As we head into spring, albeit weeks early, we can’t help but feel the same way about shedding our winter layers as we dream about lightening up our living spaces. Trying to live happily with less stuff, but among things that bring us most joy. Appreciating timeless over trendy, delicate over intricate, and quality over quantity. These are some of the guiding principles we are putting into our wood work.

This week, we’re excited to share these lovely cherry wood floating shelves we’ve designed and made in our wood shop. The wood comes from locally sourced turning blank lumber, which we then hand cut, tapered, and sanded to a super silky texture, and finally coated with a clear tung oil for a soft finish.

We hung these up in our living room this week and quickly discovered just how perfect they are displaying our ever-growing collection of succulents (ironically, our house plants that are the most minimal in terms of maintenance). This week and weekend, we’ll be constructing more shelves to add to our Faire & Goodwin Collection Etsy shop. Until then, we can’t wait to check out the Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society Show and Plant Sale in search of more plants to give a happy home on top of the world.

cherry-shelves cherry-wood-shelves-below

You can actually mount these shelves on your wall with the flat or the tapered surface facing up!


cherry-floating-shelves succulent-shelves

cherry-shelves-2 succulentshelf
The succulent pot pictured above is a prototype from our shop, too. What do you think?