I remember back in college thinking that the iPod was frivolous. As a die-hard music nerd, I loved buying albums — the kind you hold and hold on to. I loved reading the lyrics, studying the art work, reading the thank you notes. As we still blame technology for today, the iPod seemed it would disconnect me from the real world. Now, unable to part with our smart phones, the Apple Watch supposedly offers its users the ease of checking and completing everyday tasks more efficiently, saving us time and from having us to constantly be on our phones. It sounds like a dream, but a long shot, as well.

So, is it true? Well, kind of. In the few weeks I’ve had the Apple Watch, I’ve discovered what it offers more than the iPhone is discreetness, accountability, and an added level of convenience. With a gentle nudge, I’m notified throughout the day about meetings, messages, and taking time to stop what I’m doing and take a break, all without having to look at my phone.

In my quest for productivity and pushing my boundaries this year, I’ve been testing out some apps on the Apple Watch, and here are some of my best finds so far. As a woman, these are particularly of benefit to me, but men can likely appreciate many of these, too.


There’s something about the start of this year that feels a little different than last year. This is the year we’re all going to go out and do amazing things, like get in the best health of our life, right? We’ve created a playlist to help get you in the mindset for your next morning sweat sessions at the gym (even including a couple warm up and cool down tracks).

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