It’s been exactly one week since I began the Whole30 and so far, I’m feeling pretty good! A few folks have been asking me about what I’ve been eating on the Whole30 since I don’t eat meat. In the official Whole30: The Thirty-Day Guide to Health and Freedom book, pescetarianism is lightly touched upon, as well as vegetarian and veganism. You can still do the Whole30 as a pescetarian, but not quite as a vegan and vegetarian. An amended version to the plan is available if you eat no animal products at all.

Even with the addition of seafood, the program is still challenging as a fish-only eater because of the lack of food diversity when it comes to proteins. However, pescatarianism is a food lifestyle I’ve been passionately about for more than eight years now, so I’ll be sharing some of my own Whole30 compliant recipes here! In the meantime, we’ve created this interpreted shopping list below to offer some insight on what you can eat and shop for as a pescetarian following the Whole30 program.Whole30 Infographic (Conflict Copy)

Did we miss anything? Let us know of your Whole30 must-haves and tips (or questions for us) in the comments!