This same time of year about three years ago, Jody and I were planning our wedding. With so many decisions to make and people to please, admittedly, we did not feel the need to have a traditional wedding cake. Most wedding cakes taste so dry, look like the same set of stacked hat boxes, and cost an arm and a leg to only be half-eaten. Plus, my family is Jordanian, and I knew they would come to our celebration with trays of gorgeous sweets in tow.

Then I started to see art deco inspired wedding cakes on Pinterest. More like works of art, I imagined a statement cake serving the purpose of decor as much as dessert. Our venue, Cincinnati Music Hall, was built in 1878 and adorned with gold molding all over its foyer walls and stunning chandeliers from its striking and architectural ceiling. Though the space certainly needed no further decorating, I knew the cake design that caught my eye would perfectly fit in, and it did. Equally delicious as it was beautiful, Cincinnati bakery A Spoon Fulla Sugar knocked our cake out of the park with this sleek and stylish design. We could not have been happier. Our one regret is that we didn’t have a moment to enjoy more than a few, rushed bites.


A year after our wedding, we were offered an anniversary cake, but unfortunately (though not really unfortunately), Jody and I were in Mexico celebrating one year of matrimony. It wasn’t until we were back in Cincinnati for the holidays this year that I remembered we never did pick up that cake. While we hesitated to call and inquire if it was too late to have one made, we’re glad we did. It has been two and a half years, but A Spoon Fulla Sugar were happy to recreate the top tier of our wedding cake to enjoy all over again.








Red velvet with cream cheese filling. Absolutely dreamy. And yes, we totally froze some of it to enjoy on May 25, 2016. You know, long after our Whole30 is complete!

And to help further make it as beautiful as it tasted, we adorned this simple cloud of confection with rosemary sprigs and festive fruit.

Thanks again to A Spoon Fulla Sugar for making life a little more sweet – again!

Wedding cake and anniversary cake: A Spoon Fulla Sugar. Wedding cake photography: Suzuran Photography. Anniversary cake photography and styling: Faire & Goodwin.