Recently on a visit to Cincinnati, Jody and I stopped by one of our favorite liquor-selling establishments to stock up on some Bourbon (specifically one of our favorites, Knob Creek). Just across the Ohio River in Bellevue, Kentucky, Party Source is our go-to for buying any type of liquor, really. Their selection is extensive and their prices are truly cheaper than in our home of Cleveland by up to $10. Nice!


Party Source is also a great place for boozy novelty products, which is how we first stumbled upon Brooklyn’s W&P Design’s Carry On Cocktail Kits. We are big fans of mile-high cocktailin’ while traveling for fun, so these tin packages immediately caught our attention. Though many airlines are starting to carry craft beers, quality spirits can still be hard to come by, which is why we had to get our hands on these kits!

Minimally designed and beautifully packaged, the Carry On Cocktail Kits come with coasters, 1/2 oz jiggers, bar spoons, syrup, and a recipe card, so you will still need to request the rest of the fixins’ from your friendly flight attendant.  Or, do we what we sometimes do and bring your own travel-sized bottles of liquor in your carry-on to save up to $7 a drink, which is great for long-haul flights or chilling in the airport for hours during a layover. Just be sure they meet the TSA’s guidelines and tote the bottles no more than 3.4 oz/100 ml per unit!

The Carry On Cocktail Kit currently comes in four varieties: The Old-Fashioned, The Moscow Mule, The Champagne Cocktail, and The Gin & Tonic, each priced at $24 on the designer’s website (if you sign up for their mailing list, you can immediately get 20% off). We spotted the kits for $17 on Amazon and currently they are less than $12 at Sur La Table. If you ask us, we’d recommend going with the Old-Fashioned and the Moscow Mule. Whiskey and Vodka are standard spirits on most flights, which means you are most likely to be able to put your kits to good use on your next trip.



Clink-clink and bon voyage!

Have you tried the Carry On Cocktail Kit? Do you think it’s worth the cost for convenience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.