faire and goodwin handmade wooden belts

A quick update from the Faire & Goodwin wood shop! We have been working hard to get some of our handmade wares and wears into our web store before spring.

These awesome and completely one-of-a-kind belts will be available soon. Made from 100% locally-sourced red oak and adorned with an adjustable gold-plated chain, these belts are milky smooth, incredibly comfortable, and slimming to boot! (I love being the test model!) So far, we are experimenting with them in a few different stains, like this creamy birch and antique brown. Thinking about a really rich dark chocolate brown, too. What colors would you like to see?

shop leather-looking wooden belts with gold chain handmade stylish belts stylish wooden belts
handmade wooden belt

We’ll have a few other design variations to share shortly, as well. Follow us on Instagram and sign up for our e-mail list for details on pre-orders and availability coming soon, and let us know what you think of these!