Hi! We’re Jody and Reena Goodwin. We are a young married couple living in Cleveland, Ohio with our two handsome cats, Gatsby and Indy. By day, Jody works in database development and Reena in marketing and communications. By night, they deejay special events and weddings around the region together as DJ Goodwin, and manage their boutique deejay collective, The Music Faire.

Faire & Goodwin is a union of our passions. Jody enjoys spending his time designing and building functional and beautiful objects. Reena loves to show and tell stories about functional and beautiful ideas, people, and places. Our goal for 2016 is to try and do things we’ve never done before (or at least haven’t in a long time). This is a place to share creations and creativity,  endeavors and explorations, and reviews and revelations (not just ours!). Whether it’s wall art, a recipe, a new look, or a playlist to get you pumped at the gym or at your wedding, in 2016 we’re all about building.

On our blog, you’ll find these stories organized into three main categories:

  • Life: fitness, food/drink, health, real-life
  • Style: beauty, home, wearables
  • Living: events, explorations, music, travels

And coming soon in our shop, you’ll soon be able to browse our handmade wears and wares, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out and let us know what you think and how we can collaborate with you. Talking about simply what we’re up to all the time could get boring (psh, never!).

Thanks for reading!

Photo: Suzuran Photography

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